33 Ft Powerboat

Detalhes Do Barco

Comprimento 33 ft

Detalhes da viagem

Barco a motor de 33 pés, movido por 2 motores Yamaha de 250 HP - ela pode acomodar até 18 pessoas com muito conforto.

Blue Lagoon Island Trip - (Duration: 1.5 Hours)

  • €25 EUR
  • Price per person = €25

    Minimum Age: 3 years or older

    You may enjoy a boat trip to the Blue Lagoon, take your pictures to capture the wonderful memories of the stop at Popeye Village. You may explore the caves and grottoes of Comino, you may enjoy swimming and snorkeling at the Blue Lagoon! Captain navigates the boat 10 meters into the cave, to give you an experience once in a lifetime. Includes: Professional Instructor, FREE onboard shower, FREE refreshment.

    Schedule: 3 Departures daily in the months of June, July and August.

    Price Includes: Snorkel Equipment, Free Refreshments, Life Jackets, Sound System, Ladder Onboard, Shower Onboard.
Passageiro: 25 EUR

3 Island Trip - Malta, Comino and Gozo (Duration: 3.5 Hours)

  • €45 EUR
  • Price per person = €45
    Kids under 13 years old = €35

    Minimum Age: 3 years or older

    Trip Detail: You will visit the village of Popeya, Santa Maria Caves / Bay, Gozo harbour. There'll be a stop for 20 minutes- t's up to you to walk around the marina or enjoy swimming / snorkeling in the Blue or Crystal Lagoon and and M?arr Ix-Xini.

    Includes: Professional Instructor, Swimming / Snorkeling stop in the cave and one extra stop at M?arr Ix-Xini, FREE snorkel equipment, FREE onboard shower, FREE refreshments.

    Schedule: Daily departures (from April till November) at 15:30
    (depending on weather / sea conditions - kindly book your trip in advance).
Passageiro: 45 EUR